Proud Night of the Offshore Championship
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2012 Işıklar World Offshore 225 Championship closed the season with a spectacular event. At the award ceremony of the championship sponsored by Işıklar Holding, Alpay Akdilek – Kerem Tuncer duo of Team ECI Men Cosmetics (88) raised the World Championship Trophy for the fourth time in their careers. The second place in the championship was taken by Team Beşiktaş – Miele with pilots Murat Leki – Tuğberk Uca – Orçun Tufan while third place was claimed by YKM Sport (2) with pilots Saruhan Tan – Kerim Zorlu – Cengiz Cennetoğlu.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Istanbul Offshore Club President Uğur Işık congratulated and thanked all the teams and the rescue team for their performance and success throughout the entire season, and all the sponsors for their support.

2012 Işıklar World Offshore 225 Championship took place in six different provinces where a total of 14 races were run throughout 2012 and the season ended with a spectacular night where the teams received their trophies. Team ECI Men Cosmetics (88) ranked first in the general classification with 2,635 points, followed by Team Beşiktaş – Miele with 1,633 points in second and Team YKM Sport (2) with 1,603 points in third places, respectively. The watches specially designed for Class 1 World Offshore Championship by Edox, the Official Timekeeper of the World Offshore Championship were presented to the winners by Fatih Yaman, General Manager of Mey Saat, Edox’s Turkish Distributor. Vidal İtkin of Depar Motor A.Ş., Turkish Distributor of Evinrude received the award for Evinrude which was named the Winner in Motor Manufacturers Category; Yuka Yacht was named the Winner in the Boat Manufacturers Category.

The award ceremony was also the scene for an early new year celebration and was attended by prominent names like Rıza – Naz Işık, Ünhan - Şeyda Atadeniz, Tolga Savacı, Nermin Bezmen, Neslihan Kozanoğlu, Başar Kozanoğlu, Saruhan - Rahşan Tan, Melisa Çakarlar, Turgay Sancaktaroğlu, Şahika Ercümen, as well as teams, sponsors, President of the Developing Sports Federation along with federation officials and UIM commissioners. Lütfü Sapmaz, the owner of the venue Portaxe attended personally to the guests and stated that he was happy to be together with the offshore family.

Young athletes received their trophies too
This year Formula Future Turkey Championship for young athletes aged 8-18 was organized for the first time in Turkey by Istanbul Offshore Club at Van Edremit Water Sports Center with the slogan of “Young Stars on Water”. The winners represented Turkey in the UIM Formula Future World Championship organized in Prague, Czech Republic in August 2012. Turkish National Team competed with 70 athletes from 11 countries and returned home as seventh in the world championship. The young athletes’ trophies were presented to Sait Gürer who accepted them on behalf of Taha Kalkan (8), Emircan İş (11), Baran Caner (12), Baran Enterili (14) and Hakan Akdeniz (16).

The BESTS of the 2012 season
The sponsors which supported the organization throughout the race season, namely Rıza Işık on behalf of World Offshore 225 Championship Main Sponsor Işıklar Holding, Zeynep K. Gönenç on behalf of Official TV Broadcaster Show TV and Program Sponsor SkyTurk360, Cem Akgün on behalf of Official Radio Sponsor NumberOne FM, Gözde Kurak for Official Flyer Anadolu Jet, Fatih Yaman for Official Timekeeper Edox, Nafi Ağaoğlu for Official Fuel Supplier PetroTurk, Ünhan Atadeniz for Media Sponsor CMS, Selda Uğurludural for Official Magazine Powerboat &Yachts Magazine, Turgut Yüksekdağ for Boat Maintenance Sponsor Sonax, Selim Sayılgan for Official Uniform Sponsor Ravelli, Lütfü Sapmaz for Banquet Sponsor Portaxe, Ali Edizer for Official Championship Sponsor Allfett, Nalan Turanal for Exit, Ergin Tırpan for Mer Denizcilik, Ayhan Safter for Safter, Salih Demir for Yatırım Barter, Tusan Boroğlu for Proco Group and Cüneyt Divriş for Sif – JCB were presented with plaques.

Special awards in various categories were also presented to the following:
Best Dressed Team: Efe Project Mitsubishi Electric
Best Prepared Team: ECI Men Cosmetics
Most Diligent Team: YKM Sport
Best Team Manager: Alen Avadan
Most Improved Team Performance: Polimersan
Steadiest Team Performance: Beşiktaş Miele
Motor Manufacturers Category Winner: Evinrude
Boat Manufacturers Category Winner: Yuka Yacht
Sponsor of the Year: Cengiz Duyar
Most Devoted Mother of the Year: Dilek Özerkan Yenigül