Isiklar World Offshore 225 Champions Received Their Medals at Caddebostan
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Isıklar World Offshore 225 Championship 2012 season came to an end with the final race, Palladium Shopping Center Grand Prix in Istanbul. The final race became the scene of unexpected surprises. The winners of 2012 Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek, earning the title for the fourth time, crashed with the Polimersan boat and retired from the race without any points; however the team still won the World Championship with their score of 2.635 points in the general classification.
The winner of Palladium Shopping Center Grand Prix 2 was Angel Yachts (66) which fought hard for a place on the podium throughout the season. Pilots Cengiz Şıklaroğlu and Uğur Yelken finished the race with a time of 54.02.637 and stepped on the podium for their first win. Second place was taken by a frequenter of the podium, Team YKM Sport piloted by Kerim Zorlu and Cengiz Cennetoğlu with a time of 54.14.150. The third place on the podium went to Team Besiktas – Miele with pilots Murat Leki and Tuğberk Uca who finished with a time of 54.14.150.
With the last race of the season over, second place in the general classification of World and Turkish Championship was taken by Team Besiktas – Miele (1.633 points) and third place by Team YKM Sport with pilots Kerim Zorlu and Cengiz Cennetoğlu (1.603 points).

The performance of all the teams during the qualifying rounds of “Palladium Shopping Center Grand Prix 2” organized by Istanbul Offshore Club and sponsored by Palladium Shopping Center was 1 or 2 seconds slower compared to the previous day. The rough weather conditions made it more difficult for the teams in the qualifying rounds which ended with Besiktas – Miele in pole position (01.39.622) followed by Polimersan Racing Team (01.40.682) and one second later by YKM Sport.

The start of the 25-lap race saw ECI Men Cosmetics climb to third place from its last position at the lineup in the first lap. In the third lap of the race which Angel Yachts was leading, Besiktas – Miele boat hit and destroyed a buoy; according to race rules and because the circuit was not clear, the race continued after the waving of double yellow flags. When the circuit was completed in the ninth lap, the race started once again with considerable tension and excitement.

While Angel Yachts led the entire Palladium Shopping Center Grand Prix, a crash between Polimersan Racing Team and Eci Men Cosmetics team in the 18th lap caused world champions Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek to retire without finishing the final race. Polimersan boat piloted by Tarık Öktem and Hakan Vanlı was also forced to leave the race due to the crash which caused one of the pilots, Hakan Vanlı to break a rib. Vanlı was rushed to the hospital where he was treated; he is reported to be in good condition and after the race his fellow pilots visited him to boost his morale.

Best Model of Turkey 2011 Tuğba Melis Türk and Miss Turkey Loreal Azra Ece Akdeniz at the Offshore races
Palladium Shopping Center which sponsored the final races awarded five lucky customers with a chance to ride on the racing boats. Best Model of Turkey 2011 Tuğba Melis Türk and Miss Turkey Loreal Azra Ece Akdeniz participated in the event as the faces of Offshore and took test drives on the racing boats.

The winners of the race received their trophies from Songül Kara, Developing Sports Federation Secretary General; Angelo Poma, UIM Commissioner; Serdar özer, IOC Vice President; Ayşen Yerşen, Palladium Shopping Center Director; Mert Samra, Allfett Marketing Director and Semra Aydın on behalf of Edox.