The Ancient City of Zeugma Meets State of The Art Offshore Boats
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Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship takes place in Gaziantep, one of the most beautiful destinations in southeastern Turkey this weekend. Eleventh race of the season was run on the Birecik Dam Lake basin, on the shores of Euphrates River. ECI Men Cosmetics (88) piloted by Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek was once again the team to win the race with a time of 47:58.189.
Second place on the podium was taken by Kerim Zorlu and Saruhan Tan of YKM Sport (2) with their time of 48.07.299; they were followed by Besiktas-Miele with Murat Leki and Tugberk Uca who finished the race at 48.12.806.

The day started at 11.00 am with qualifying rounds on the Birecik Dam Lake that covers the ancient city of Zeugma. 8 boats with 16 pilots competed in the qualifying rounds to take pole position. Championship’s current leader ECI Men Cosmetics team achieved a time of 01.29,949 and took pole position followed 3 seconds later by Efe Project-Mitsubishi Electric Racing and 4 milliseconds after that by Besiktas-Miele.

The 25-lap race started at 2.00 pm and was run uneventfully for some laps. The weather in Zeugma saw 38° C and WD40 was the first boat to leave the race due to a transmission problem. In lap 19, Efe Project boat hit one of the buoys that marked the race course; double yellow flags were waved and the race was slowed down. For the next four laps, the boats were accompanied by the Security Boat. After a new buoy was placed and the Security Boat left the course, the race returned to its fast tempo. GSİYAD-Galatasaray boat piloted by Max Dessaux of Spain and Selcuk Oral was another team that had to retire; this time the reason was the flip of the boat in lap 20.

The winners received their trophies from Mevlut Kurban, Deputy Governor of Gaziantep; Dr. Asım Güzelbey, Mayor of Gaziantep; Prof. Adnan Kisa, Dean of Zirve University; Cafer Yılmaz, General Secretary of Special Administration and UIM Commissioner Harry Fabritius.

Organized by Istanbul Offshore Club, Gaziantep Grand Prix is supported by the Governorship of Gaziantep, Special Administration of Gaziantep, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Silk Road Development Agency and Zirve University.