“Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship” Excitement In The Mediterranean
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Mersin Grand Prix races of “Işıklar World Offshore 225 Championship” are run this weekend. On the first day of the Mersin MTSO Grand Prix, the winner was team ECI Men Cosmetics (88) piloted by Kerem Tuncer- Alpay Akdilek duo that finished the race with a time of 37.48.500 and took home their eighth victory this season.
The second place was claimed by Efe Project Mitsubishi Electric Racing Team which brought great joy to Mersin by winning in their hometown. Pilots Nevzat Arman and Onur Özgül with a time of 38.02.750 were followed by team YKM Sport in third place. Team pilots Kerim Zorlu and Cengiz Cennetoglu succeeded to finish with a time of 39.02 296 and added more points to their overall score.

Organized by Istanbul Offshore Club on the weekend of September 15 and 16, the championship’s Mersin races started with qualifying rounds on Saturday morning. Currently ranking first in the overall classification with 1535 points, team ECI Men Cosmetics took pole position with their time of 1.38.375 while Efe Project Mitsubishi Electric Racing Team finished the qualifying rounds with a time of 1.42.937 and took second place at the lineup, followed 1 second later by YKM Sport. Mersin MTSO Grand Prix which started with 8 boats began at 2.00 pm.

As the winds got stronger around the time the race started, two boats flipped and were forced to retire from “Mersin MTSO Grand Prix”. GHB Offshore Racing Team (Suha Yenigul - Joao Filipe) received a stop-go penalty for exiting the pit early; then their boat flipped in the ninth lap and they had to retire from the race. In the fifteenth lap of the race, team Besiktas-Miele (Murat Leki - Tugberk Uca) boat flipped with the impact of the strong waves and was left out of the race.

The winners were presented their trophies by Mustafa Sever, Deputy Minister of Economy; Suphi Olcay, Deputy Governor of Mersin; Macit Özcan, Mayor of Mersin; Şerafettin Aşut, MCCI President; Faik Burakgazi, MCCI Assembly Speaker; Isa Gok, Mersin Representative and Kursat Tuzmen, former Minister of State.