Safter Star Boat Wins Elio Powerboat Rally Cup
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Organized for the first time in Turkey by Istanbul Offshore Club and Powerboats & Yachts magazine, “ELIO Powerboat Rally” took place on Saturday, September 8, 2012. Nine boats participated in the event and competed to achieve the highest score by collecting the cards at five stops. Safter Star Boat team of Anastasia Ağakay, Uluç Ağakay and Şakir Ünal succeeded to get 75 points total and won both the Rally cup and the first prize of a diamond-sapphire necklace provided by Karun Jewellery.

Sponsored by Elio and organized by Istanbul Offshore Club, ELIO Powerboat Rally is the first powerboat rally in Turkey. The Rally started at 11 pm at Ataköy Elio Marina Park with the participation of 9 teams that tried to reach the highest score by collecting the cards at five stops; Ataköy – Marina, Tuzla – Dodo Balık, Sedef Island – Elio Beach, Tavşan (Rabbit) Island and Tarabya Big Chef’s. Alpay Günaydın – Figen Gür duo on Pufiş boat took second place in the race with 66 points. They were followed by Mehmet Şamnu – Alper Tavman – Aydın Samanlı – Melih Maluş and Mine Kalpakçıoğlu on Iasminum as they succeeded to collect 55 points. All the teams received Creed fragrances as gifts and Sonax special car care kits were presented to the top three teams.

Participants chose winners among themselves in two categories as well. Kerim Zorlu – Saruhan Tan – Rahşan Tan – Gamze Zorlu on Forever boat won the “Best Dressed Team” title while Alpay Günaydın and Figen Gür on Pufiş with a replica of 1967 model Riva boat won the “Best Looking Boat” award. Breathless boat and participants Uğur Işık – Serdar Özer - Taylan Kümeli – Mehmet Ali Karamehmet and Gökhan Arsoy who took the lowest score were awarded with “Despite Everything Cup”.

The event open to all powerboats with minimum 40 knot speed and speed lovers on water is planned to take place on the southern shores next year with more participation.