A Full Day of Fun at Sea with Elio Powerboat Rally
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Organized for the first time in Turkey by Istanbul Offshore Club and Powerboats & Yachts magazine, Elio Powerboat Rally invites all powerboat owners to Marmara for a day full of fun and excitement.
Powerboat Rally which started in the US and spread to many other countries is a very popular powerboat event and it will be held in Turkey for the first time by Istanbul Offshore Club and Powerboats & Yachts magazine. Sponsored by Elio, the event aims to offer a day filled with fun, excitement and pleasant competition.
The participants in the Elio Powerboat Rally will try to reach the highest score by collecting the cards with images of Istanbul which will be collected at 5 stops. While the participants will be competing to get the highest score by completing the race course, they will also take part in different activities at each stop which will add even more action and dynamism to the weekend. The winner will receive a diamond and sapphire necklace provided by Karun Jewellery and all the winners will also receive surprise gifts.

The race course starts at Ataköy Marina Park with stops at Dodo Fish Restaurant in Tuzla, Elio Sedef Restaurant on Tavşan Adası (Rabbit Island), Big Chef’s Tarabya and ends at Ataköy Elio Marina Park.
Powerboats with minimum 40-knot speed capacity will be eligible to enter the rally. Along with the boat owner, other participants may also be allowed to race depending on the capacity of the boat. The Rally will start at Ataköy Elio Marina Park on Saturday, September 8 at 11 am and finish the same day at 5.30 pm at the same location. Awards ceremony and Elio Powerboat Rally party will also take place at Ataköy Elio Marina Park.