Formula Future Stars Shone In Prague
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“Young Stars on Water” succeeded to take seventh place in their first Formula Future World Championship.
Participating in the UIM Formula Future World Championship held in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, on August 17-19 for the first time, the Turkish National Team succeeded to take seventh place among 70 athletes from 11 countries.

The winners of the five categories in the Formula Future Turkey Championship organized for the first time in 2012 by Istanbul Offshore Club and held in the province of Van represented Turkey in Prague. Aged 8-18, the five national athletes succeeded to have the Turkish flag raised during the medal ceremony and achieved their first international victory in the first year of championship.

National athletes Taha Kalkan in Class 1, Muhammed Ikbal Karakoyun in Class 2, Baran Caner in Class 3, Baran Enterilli in Class 4 and Hakan Akdeniz in Class 5 represented Turkey in the World Championship where they competed in various disciplines like maneuver, parallel slalom and knot tying, and took Turkey to seventh place with their total points.

The team had some difficulties during the maneuver competitions but had better success in the parallel slalom competitions where Muhammed Varan Caner (2000) reached the finals in Class 3 and finished in third place. Muhammed Ikbal Karakoyun (2001) in Class 2 took fifth place.

Sponsored by Puma and Banvit, the five national athletes competed with athletes from Russia, Portugal, Malaysia, Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Italy.

UIM Formula Future World Championship’s top three were Russia in first, Germany in second and Czech Republic in third place.

Turkey aiming to host 2014 UIM Formula Future World Championship

Several countries that participated in the championship are trying to be nominated to host the upcoming championships. Turkey’s successful results despite participating for the first time were much praised by UIM. Aiming to demonstrate its ability to organize international events through this youth championship as well, Istanbul Offshore Club is now a candidate to host UIM Formula Future World Championship in 2014.

2013 championship will be hosted by Russia and Germany’s name along with Turkey is among the candidates for 2014. The country to host the 2014 championship will be nominated during the 2013 UIM General Assembly. Aslan Sinir, Van’s provincial director of sports, who accompanied the team in Prague, indicated that government support may be obtained for the organization. Istanbul Offshore Club sees the project as an important move for promoting the country, raising new generations of athletes and spreading water sports to wider audiences.