“Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship” Joins The “19 May Youth And Sports Day” Celebrations With Record-Breaking Audiences…
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The second leg of “Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship” started at Ilkadim (First Step) Square in Samsun before an audience of estimated 200 thousand people.
“Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship” is meeting the people of Black Sea for the second time. The team to win the Samsun Grand Prix 1 hosted by the Governorship of Samsun was ECI Men Cosmetics (88).
Pilots Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek achieved a time of 43:49:281 which took them to the top tier on the podium. They were followed by Besiktas-Miele with seasoned pilots Murat Leki and Orcun Tufan (44:09:968) in second place and Lenore Yacht’s Ilker Ozmen and Umur Duyar, the youngest pilots in the Championship in third place.

19 May Youth and Sports Day festivities started early in the morning at Ilkadim Square with a symbolic flag handover ceremony that represented Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s stepping ashore in Samsun on May 19, 1919.

After the celebrations, the qualifying rounds of Isiklar World Offshore Championship started at 11.00 with 20 pilots and 10 teams. The pole position was once again taken by ECI Men Cosmetics (Kerem Tuncer - Alpay Akdilek), the winners of the races in Istanbul. Besiktas-Miele with pilots Murat Leki and Orcun Tufan was only 1 second behind them and took second place at the lineup and they were followed by Ilker Ozmen and Umur Duyar of Lenore Yacht with a time of 1;23;110.

Angel Yacht (Cengiz Siklaroglu – Ugur Yelken) was the most unfortunate team of Samsun Grand Prix 1 because they had to retire from the race as the boat’s shaft broke at the start; YKM Sport team that started in second place left the race just 3 laps before the finish due to a trouble with the starter motor. However the team with pilots Cengiz Cennetoglu and Ali Tanýr still got points as they had completed 70% of the race.

The winners received their trophies from Huseyin Aksoy, Governor of Samsun, Per Benson, UIM Commissioner, Ali Telli, District Court Chief Judge, Mehmet Goktan, Garrison Commander, Enver Oral, President of Developing Sports Federation and Ugur Isik, President of Istanbul Offshore Club.