2012 Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship Started …
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“Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship” started with the first race of the 2012 season, Fatih Municipality Grand Prix run at the Golden Horn, Istanbul.
Pilots Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek, the world champions of the previous season, who are racing for team ECI Men Cosmetics this year, won the first race of the championship in which 10 teams and 20 pilots are contending.
The time of 48:24.609 achieved by the duo took them to first place on the podium while team Besiktas-Miele with pilots Murat Leki and Orcun Tufan came up second with their time of 49:05.015. Almost 3 seconds behind them, Saruhan Tan and Kerim Zorlu of team YKM Sport succeeded to take the third place.

Introducing new sponsors, new teams and new pilots, Isiklar World Offshore Championship opened the 2012 season with Fatih Municipality Grand Prix at the Old Galata Bridge in Halic (Golden Horn). After completing the technical inspections, the teams lined up for qualifying rounds at 11.00 am.

In addition to Turkish pilots, this year we also see pilots from Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico and Portugal. The qualifying rounds that lasted about an hour ended with Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek, the world champions of last year, who are racing for team ECI this year, taking the pole position with a time of 2.09.45. Last year’s runners-up, Team Besiktas-Miele with Murat Leki and Orçun Tufan took second place with a difference of 2 seconds and they were followed by Team YKM Sport with pilots Saruhan Tan and Kerim Zorlu 14 milliseconds later.
The Grand Prix started at 2.00 pm and following this group start, the teams began to compete on the 2.5-mile race course. GHB Offshore Racing Team boat piloted by Hakan Vanli and Suha Yenigul suffered a gear box failure and was forced to drop out of the race in the first round.
Efe Project-Mitsubishi Electric Racing Team (Nevzat Arman and Onur Ozgul) that joined the Championship this year started to compete fiercely with Team ECI (Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek)) in the 9th round; however this great tug of war came to an end when Efe Project-Mitsubishi Electric Racing Team boat flipped during the 11th round and had to retire from the race. Pilots Bogac Hurzat and Mehmet Hantal of Team WD40 experienced an overheating problem and retired from the race in the 18th round and yet they managed to get points for having completed 70% of the race.
The winners received their trophies from Ahmed Ibrahim Elbloushi, UIM Commissioner, Hasan Suver, Deputy Mayor of Fatih, Songul Kara, Secretary General of Developing Sports Federation, Ugur Isik, Istanbul Offshore Club President, Nafi Agaoglu, Petroturk Chairman and Lutfu Sapmaz, Portaxe Chairman.