Preparations for the new season in full throttle…
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Weeks before 2012 Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship, pilots and judges continue preparations for the new season …
Pilots pass the Turtle Test

Dunk Tests of the teams that will be racing in the 2012 Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship were carried out at the Burhan Felek Sports Complex pool on March 5-6, 2012.
Prior to entering the cockpit, all competitors must meet all eligibility requirements including “Turtle Testing”, the approved training in the “MacMillan Dunk tester”. All pilots are required to take the test before the start of the season and to demonstrate a practiced and working knowledge of all system-support equipment. Most of the participants are able to complete this test where an accident or a roll is simulated in a cockpit in fifteen to twenty seconds. Successful competition is judged on the racing competitor’s ability to maintain composure, follow the appropriate procedures for self-extraction and reach the surface in thirty seconds.
The dunk tests participated by the pilots and copilots who will be racing in the 2012 offshore championship was the scene of competition among the teams to complete the test in a shorter time which goes to show that the season will bring some great competition too.

Candidates in training for offshore judging …
Candidate judges’ trainings and seminar of the Motonautique (Offshore) branch of the Developing Sports Federation were held on March 10-11, 2012 at Burhan Felek Sports Complex, Istanbul.
The two-day long seminars observed by the Federation provided the candidates with information about the categories and sub-disciplines of the motonautique sports branch as well as flag use, safety, evacuation, emergency response and race management. After learning the fundamentals of the sport, the candidates took a test.

After Emre Guler, Head of the Judges Committee introduced the sport and provided information about the mechanisms and operations of the sport, Sait Gurer, member of the Judges Committee, explained the responsibilities of the safety officials and the issues to be taken into consideration during emergency response with examples. Atilla Ceker, Head of the Technical Committee gave information about the revised technical regulations in 2012 and the training ended with videos of examples.
In the speech he gave after the training was completed, Enver Oral, President of the Developing Sports Federation, emphasized the importance of discipline, consistency and adaptability to change for the development of this sports branch and wished the judges success.

The candidates who participated in the trainings and passed the tests and the participants who have been promoted to regional judges will reinforce their knowledge with further tests before the season starts. They will be assigned to officiate at the 14 races in the championship and continue to gain more experience.