Offshore Winds Once Again Favor Stihl In Moda…
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Organized by Istanbul Offshore Club, the thirteenth race of “Isiklar World Offshore Championship” was held in Moda, Istanbul and the winner was Stihl, currently leading the championship. Pilots Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek continued their winning streak for the last eight races and won the CMS Medya Grand Prix with a total time of 35:49,953 while YKM Sport team with pilots Kerim Zorlu and Cengiz Cennetoglu took second place on the podium with 36;14,171. The third place on the podium was taken by Franke with Hakan Vanli and Adil Kucuksari as they followed YKM with a difference of only 4 milliseconds.

The program started at 11.00 am with the qualifying rounds on the circuit in front of Moda Yacht Club and Kerem Tuncer - Alpay Akdilek duo of Stihl took pole position with their time of 01:21,875. The second team to take its place at the lineup became Lenore with Ilker Ozmen and Umur Duyar (01:25,297) and they were followed by Besiktas Miele team with pilots Murat Leki and Tugberk Uca. Due to a spinout which resulted in an unexpected flipover at the beginning of their qualifying lap, GSYIAD-Galatasaray, with Italian pilots on board, was unable to start the race on the first day …
The race started at 2.00 pm with the waving of the green flag and Stihl took the lead immediately with the best times coming from almost all the top contenders. While the competition between YKM Sport and YKM- Big Chefs team, which had just started to race this season, as the sister boat of the YKM team was a joy to watch. The fierce competition among Lenore, BJK and Franke boats ended with the lead of the Franke team. The fourth place in the general classification went to Lenore followed by YKM- Big Chefs in fifth. Besiktas dropping to sixth place due to a broken lift.

The lineup of CMS Medya Grand Prix race in Moda saw ten teams and twenty pilots. Participated by German, Italian, American and Turkish pilots, the race was run on a 2-km circuit over 25 laps. The fourteenth race of the championship will start tomorrow at 2.00 pm again at Moda Yacht Club.

Stihl Continues It’s Streak Of Wins…
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“Moda Yacht Club Grand Prix” of Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship held in Moda, Istanbul ended with another fantastic victory by Stihl…
Winning for the ninth time in a row, pilots Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek of Stihl this time achieved a time of 35:16,109 and maintained their lead position. Murat Leki and Tugberk Uca of Besiktas-Miele team finished second with a time of 35:21,890 and they were followed by Franke team piloted by Hakan Vanli and Adil Kucuksari with 35:47, 843.

The fourteenth race of the championship was run today. The pole position at the end of the morning’s qualifying rounds went to Stihl with pilots Kerem Tuncer and Alpay Akdilek with a time of 01:20,671 and they were followed 2 milliseconds later by Kerim Zorlu and Cengiz Cennetoglu of team YKM Sport. The third place at the lineup of the afternoon’s race was taken by YKM Big Chefs with Saruhan Tan and Joseph Muhlbauer with a time of 01;22,250.
With the start of the race, ten boats entered into a fierce competition. As the race continued with Stihl in the lead, the sea conditions worsened and YKM Big Chefs boat rolled overduring the fourth lap after a fast spin out. The pilots Saruhan Tan and Joseph Muhlbauer managed to get out of the cockpit from the bottom escape hatch without any injury. Their sister boat YKM Sport piloted by Kerim Zorlu and Cengiz Cennetoglu received a stop and go penalty for leaving the pit stop at eleventh lap five seconds early. This was followed by an engine failure when the boat suddenly stopped during the stop & go penalty and they had to join the ranks of retired teams.
Lenore took fourth place in the general classification followed by Olympic de Marseille in fifth and Galatasaray-GSYIAD in sixth place. At the end of the seventh round of the championship Stihl maintains its lead position with 2407 points while, Besiktas - Miele follows in second place with 1735 and Galatasaray – GSYIAD in third with 1617.
The day’s winners received their trophies from Teoman Taspinar, Moda Yacht Club President; Tamer Taspinar, Director of Istanbul YSGD; Ugur Isik, IOC President; Gary Manchester, UIM Commissioner; Serdar Ozer, IOC Vice President and Adnan Kuzu, Sports Director of Istanbul.
There were ten teams and twenty pilots at the lineup from Germany, Italy, USA and Turkey and the race was run on a 2-km circuit over 25 laps.