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GSYIAD-Galatasaray See The Checkered Flag In The Most Challenging Circuit
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The winner of the 5th race in the “ISIKLAR World Offshore 225 Championship” in Adana was Joseph - Berna Muhlbauer (GSYIAD-Galatasaray) with a time of 30:26,01; this is the first podium at Adana.
Due to tough weather conditions, the race in the Seyhan Dam Lake circuit was shortened to 14 laps with the decision of the race committee. The second place on the podium went to the World champions of the 2008-09 seasons, Alpay Akdilek and Kerem Tuncer (STIHL) who achieved a time of 31:35,750 while Olympic Marseille (67) took third place.
Despite the fact that pilots Jerome Brarda from the US and Max Dessaux from Spain flipped the boat and sank into the dam waters on the last lap, their time of 29:28,062 and 13 laps took them to third place on the podium. The team stated that they would work until the next morning to prepare the boat salvaged by the rescue teams for tomorrow’s race.

Istanbul Offshore Club has organized one round of the offshore races in Adana for four years in a row and the third round of the 2011 World Offshore 225 Championship took place in Adana this year. The fifth race of the championship started under heavy rain, unprecedented in Adana this time of the year. The qualifying tours started at 11:00 pm at the Seyhan Dam Lake and GSYIAD-Galatasaray team took the pole position with a time of 01:50,078. Stating that they had always had technical problems and never been on the podium in Adana so far, Joseph-Berna Muhlbauer duo started the race in pole position in high spirits which took them the first place at the end of the race.

During the qualifying rounds, Lenore Yacht (14) with İlker Özmen and Umur Duyar surprisingly took second place, only 6 seconds behind Galatasaray. They were followed 3 seconds later by Hakan Vanlı - Tufan Aker on the Franke (11) boat. With the addition of new rules, the qualification rounds consisted of two parts; in the first part the teams competed for 45 minutes for the best time. In the second part of the qualifying rounds the 5 teams with the best times started the circuit in the opposite direction. Besiktas and Olympic Marseille which were under the 1,300 kg limit at the weigh-ins started the race last.

The race started at 2:00 pm with the green flag. The circuit was very tough due to strong north winds and in the sixth lap Saruhan Tan - Kerim Zorlu of YKM Sport had to retire from the race when their boat flipped. Stihl finished in second place and Olympic Marseille in third while Besiktas, leading in the championship standings had to settle with fourth place in general classification.

At the end of the race, the prizes were presented by Mustafa Tuncel, Deputy Mayor of Adana, Fazli Bayram Hadi, Provincial Director of YSGD, Mustafa Tuyan, Adana Sailing Club President, Enver Oral, President of DSB Federation, Serdar Ozer, IOC Vice President and Ugur Isik, IOC President.

2009 World Champions Back On the Podium In Adana
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The third round of the “Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship” in Adana was completed with the sixth race. Alpay Akdilek-Kerem Tuncer (STIHL), the World Champions of 2009, won the race with a time of 36.15,171 and got their first victory this season.

Today’s race was run under the title of “Governorship of Adana Grand Prix” and Besiktas-Miele team and its pilots Murat Leki and Hamdi Kitapci took second place on the podium with their time of 36.29,453. The third place was taken by Saruhan Tan and Kerim with a time of 27.07.171 who managed to prepare their boat by working until the morning after the serious accident they had the previous day.

At the completion of the Adana round, Besiktas-Miele left its lead position in the championship standings to GSYIAD-Galatasaray (906 points) by a difference of 7 points while Stihl is now in third place with 697 points.

The sixth race of the championship that took place at Seyhan Dam Lake started at 11:00 am with qualifying tours. After the hail storm in the early morning, the weather opened in Adana and YKM Sport boat that had to retire from previous day’s race took pole position on Sunday with a time of 1.44,687. Stihl, the second contender of the previous day took second place with their time of 1.44,719 and only 15 milliseconds behind them Besiktas the third place.

There were 8 boats at the lineup of the circuit the second day as a large crowd was there to watch the races on the lake. The prizes at the end of the day were presented by Ilhan Atis, Governor of Adana, Mustafa Tuyan, Adana Sailing Club, Enver Oral, President of DSB Federation and Jean Marie Van Lancker, UIM Commissioner.

“Isiklar World Offshore 225 Championship”, the world’s first and only championship to erase its carbon footprints on water and organized by Istanbul Offshore Club with the main sponsorship of Isiklar Holding A.S., continues in the 2011 season with the support of Architon, Tirsan Lojistik (TLS), AnadoluJet, SIF-JCB, Nous, Sonax, Adana Optimum Outlet and Ravelli in addition to CMS Medya, Number 1, Powerboats & Yachts, Auto Guide, Home Cinema and official broadcasters Show TV – SkyTurk.

The fourth round of the championship will take place in Erdek on June 17 and 18.