Adana Will Host The World Offshore Championship For The First Time
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İstanbul Offshore Club had been performing the offshore races for 4 years at Adana. This year İstanbul Offshore Club will make a new start with “The World Offshore 225 Championship” again at Adana. Adana Governorship and Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Adana Sailing Club and İstanbul Offshore Club signed a protocol. The UIM 2011 World Offshore 225 Championship’s 5th and 6th races will become realty.

İstanbul Offshore Club organized the offshore races at Adana four years on a row. Now IOC started to organize the races with the title “World Offshore 225 Championship”. At the 5th and 6th races which will be held on 28-29 May, Seyhan Dam Lake, many local and foreigner competitors will sweat to come first place.

This season 12 racing boats will take place at the championship. Competitors from France, Denmark, U.S.A., Spain, Italy and Germany will perform a breath taking races. The teams Beşiktaş and Galatasaray will also join the race and most striking team Olympique De Marseille will join the races to win the cup.

İstanbul Offshore Club President Uğur Işık, said that he is very glad to welcome The World Offshore organization at Adana after a year. Işık said, “We are planning to assist this sport all over our country. We are very glad that our collaboration with governor İlhan Atış is developing and growing since 5 years. Mean time we are working on a team representing Adana. We invite all offshore fans and locals to enjoy our festival-like organization and spectacular contest taking place at Seyhan Dam Lake and Menderes Peninsula.

The Governor İlhan Atış mentioned earlier at the protocol signing ceremony that the championship will make a big contribution for the city and for this reason all sport fans are gladly welcomed. Deputy Major Zihni Aldırmaz also mentioned that the Seyhan Dam Lake has a very suitable infrastructure for calm water sports and all opportunities will be used in order to get ready for the race.

Candidates Worked Hard For Offshore Marshal Training
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Offshore Marshal Candidates worked hard at the “Marshal Training Seminar”. The course was organized under the supervision of Developing Sports Branches Federation (GOSBF) and took place at İstanbul Burhan Felek Sport Complex on April 2nd and 3rd, 2011.

At the 2 day seminar, candidates were informed about all categories of the motonautique sport and its sub disciplines. The usage of the flags, rescue, emergency situations and race management subjects were shared throughout the course and lastly the candidates worked hard for the test.

The Marshal Executive Committee President Emre Güler informed the participants about offshore and its way of operation the Marshal Executive Committee Associate Sait Gürer gave information on rescue marshal’s duties and important points to be aware of in emergency situations. Technical Committee President Atilla Çeker gave information about technical points that changed in 2011 and following the instructional video showing the training was completed.

The Federation President, Mr. Enver Oral wished good luck to the marshal community and underlined the importance of discipline, continuity and innovation for the development of the offshore sport.

The candidates who completed the seminar successfully and participants who are promoted to region marshal position will intensify their knowledge after taking the tests on April 30th and May 1st. Afterwards, they will be able to improve their experiences by being assigned to 20 upcoming races in this season.