YKM Sport Was The Fastest At Van Lake
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Going 90 miles per hour, offshore boats competed at Van today. Recently, 2010 Architon World Offshore Championship (WOC) took place at Van Lake which is also known as the pearl of Turkey. Racing event, which was organized with the great support of the Governorship of Van, had many thousands of spectators on Van Lake shore.

10 teams competed for 25 laps at the Spor Toto Grand Prix on June 19th, each making 1 pit stop during the race. 2 YKM Sport, 3 Beşiktaş 1903 and 5 GSYİAD Galatasaray were ahead of the competition as always, while 2 YKM Sport became the winning team of the Grand Prix. Second place of the podium belonged to 3 Beşiktaş 1903 team piloted by Murat Leki and Ali Tanır, while 5 GSYİAD Galatasaray pilots Kerem Tuncer and Josef Mühlbauer reached the third place on the podium.

At the Spor Toto Grand Prix held in Van, 2 YKM Sport team became first with a serious difference of time. Pilots of 2 YKM declared that they were really glad about the result. Also, the pilots made the best time of the day, with 1 minute 41 seconds and 094 milliseconds.

This day, a very prestigious guest came to the area to watch the races. Chief Negotiator of Turkey and Minister of State, Egemen Bağış came to watch the offshore races along with ambassadors from 22 countries.

Van race was first held on Van Lake on 2008 and ever since, Van is included in the event. Races made a huge contribution for the promotion of city as well as the lake. This year, Governorship of Van and other local institutions made a decision to include Offshore Races in a Water Sports Festival. An area was prepared for the festival and officials say 90% of the facility will be built this year. As part of the festival, there will be other competitions in the field of rowing, biathlon, swimming, canoeing and sailing. Also, the preparations for rafting races at Bahçesaray are still going on.

Monster of Lake Van is now called 2 YKM Sport
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In the 90s, there were footages of a mysterical creature living at lake Van. Those who saw it claimed it looked like a Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaurus. It was referred to as “Monster of Lake Van” and to this day, the mystery couldn’t have been solved. Now, there’s a new monster at Lake Van and it is known with the name 2 YKM Sport. Winning the previous race as well, 2 YKM Sport team has become the victorious team of the both races.

Ministry of Culture Grand Prix started with a minute of silence for Turkish soldiers who died at Hakkari. 25 laps were runned at the racetrack as the previous day. Results did not change for this day either; 2 YKM Sport team became first, while 3 Beşiktaş 1903 became second and 5 GSYİAD Galatasaray became third. 2 YKM Sport was challenged by 3 Beşiktaş 1903 the whole time, but at the end, 2 YKM Sport was victorious.

As in the previous years, this year’s offshore races made a big contribution to the promotion of the city and the lake. President of IOC Uğur Işık, made a statement after the second race, saying that their first goal is to make a promotion of the region they organize the races at. He also stated that he’s condemning the terrorist attacks and he is wishing patience for the families of dead soldiers. Before the race, there was a minute of silence for the dead soldiers and pilots also showed their reaction to this sad incident with a black ribbon on their arms.

89 Viking – Apa Racing Team had an accident at the fourth lap of the race and flipped. Even though the audience felt great excitement because of this, both the pilots left the craft within seconds and none were injured. Other than that, 67 Olympique De Marseille team could not finish the race because of a technical problem. At the very last lap, the tail of 22 YKM Sport’s craft came off. But this didn’t change the result; 22 YKM Sport ended the race at 6th place.

Ambassadors watched the Offshore races in Van
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7th race of World Offshore Championship (WOC) at Van was watched by ambassadors from 22 different country, as well as Egemen Bağış, Minister of State and Chief Negotiator with European Union.

7th race of 2010 Architon WOC “Spor Toto Grand Prix”, was held at the Van Lake on June 19th. Minister of State and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış, who also watched the races at Van in 2009, watched this time with his guests from 22 EU countries including Spain, Finland, Slovakia and France.

Along with Mr. Bağış and his wife, Secretariat General for EU Affairs Volkan Bozkır also came to watch the races. Mr Bağış and Mr Bozkır therefore wanted to show the modern face of Turkey to their guests from Europe. Even though the guests couldn’t make it to the start of the race because of their intense schedule, pilots of the champion teams took the ambassadors for a tour after the race was finished.