New Year Message
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Dear friends,

2009 was a very successful year for our Club and our sport as we’ve worked very hard despite the severe economic challenges. Our racing teams and our organization staff, followed by our sponsors and our local organizing administrations that have hosted the events, are all important parts in this success. We would like to thank you all.

Next season will be even tougher than the last season. The economic challenges are foreseen to continue; still, we are planning to increase the number of racing locations to 10 and number of races to 20, because we believe that our successful organizations provide us a huge publicity advantage. We wish to extend our gratitude to Show TV and Sky Turk for supporting us throughout this difficult journey.

Supported by the President of the Federation for Developing Sports, Mr. Enver Oral, we are moving confidently toward founding the Motonautique Federation. Our aim is to fully meet the conditions set by the GSGM (General Directorate of Youth and Sports) and to complete the founding of the Federation within a very reasonable time frame.

As international participation to our Championship series grow each year, and thanks to our successful presentations, all the races of our 2010 season have been declared as “World Championship Races” by UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique). Although this development means a huge increase in our costs, we are proud of the recognition we have received worldwide.

As we move forward with carefully planned steps towards the future, we will continue to work hard to be worthy of your trust. We hope to increase viewing of our sport through cooperation with international networks.

Wishing you health, happiness and success in the New Year.


Happy New Year
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