Stihl is best at Golden Horn
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The first two rounds of the Architon UIM World Offshore 225 Championship were run in the Golden Horn-Istanbul with the sponsorship of the Fatih Municipality... Stihl 88 of Alpay Akdilek and Kerem Tuncer, last years’ champions, won both Grand Prix.

The second place in both GPs went to the German team of Miele 4 of Jasef and Berna Muhlbauer. Erkan Altinkilic and Yigit Cetin took the third on Saturday with their Franke 34 whereas Murat Leki and Ali Tanir, the second team of Akdilek, took the third position on Sunday with Viking 89. The French team of Philippe Benhamou and the American pilot Gerome Brarda broke their drive on Saturday and finished 8th on Sunday.