President Ugur Isık`s New Year Message
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Dear friends,

As we approach the end of 2008, we will remember it as a memorable year of many firsts. Turkish Offshore Championship that we created and developed is now acknowledged as a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP by the World Governing Body, UIM!!! While this development was worth all our efforts, we challenged our strengths by implementing a new system: two races in one weekend!!! You will appreciate the difficulties of organizing two races, on Saturday and Sunday, and the teams’ incredible efforts to run these races... With the tireless endeavors of the Show TV crew, all the races were broadcasted live nation wide.

We added new exciting races to the traditional venues like Adana of our dear organizers Kazım and Suna Apa, Mersin of former MTSO president, the late Kadri Şaman and Kemer of Mayor Hasan Şeker.
Our first races started in front of the magnificent Çırağan Palace Kempinski Hotel, the pearl of the Bosphorus. You cannot find such a splendid location anywhere else in the world.
Who would have thought that one day we would load our boats on a TRAIN and take them to Van Lake, oops sorry, Van Sea!!! Yes, we did that, too… People of Van experienced a weekend that no one could believe. Everybody from Ministers, Representatives, Governor, and Mayor to the citizens all thanked us. Unfortunately, the promises were not kept and the excitement of the organization disappeared in the face of executing the responsibilities and Van had to be taken out of the 2009 race calendar. We are disappointed and upset but to no avail!!!
In any case, we had a turn of mood and Kocaeli put the smile back on our faces. The unforgettable Kocaeli, such a wonderful substructure, such preparations!!! Even we were impressed and with the support of Tüpraş an incredible race was organized. We would like to say once again “well done” to all the Kocaeli Greater City Municipality team headed by Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and Tüpraş General Manager Yavuz Aykut, and his team, for organizing a world class event...
The last stop in this year’s championship was Moda Yacht Club; a new spot and another new race. We started preparations on Thursday but on Friday unexpected southwest winds took away our pontoon... Nevertheless, we are a team that is used to tackling the hardest conditions and a solution was found immediately. We asked for help from Setur Kalamış Marina and successfully organized the final races of World Offshore 225 Championship. Everyone was happy that it was over and at the same time sad that it was over. Right then, the barbecue party of Moda Yacht Club came to the rescue. Another thanks to Moda Yacht Club and its’ President Teoman Taşpınar...

I would like to congratulate the real winners Alpay and Kerem, Yupi and Berna, Burak and Turgut, Janne, İpek, Veronica, Carina and Burcu, Murat and Hamdi, Ali T, Mehmet and İlker, Erkan and Yiğit, Saruhan and Kerim, Finnish Jari and Jyrki’, Nevzat, Onur and Kerem, Boğaç, Süha and Bora, Füsun and Yeşim, Hakan and Mehmet for their brilliant accomplishments.
I congratulate our organization team Serdar, Şakir, Emre, Atilla, Cenk, Onur, Taygun, Birol, Erol and Erdal for their endless and valuable efforts.
As IOC, we are grateful to all our local organizers, namely Çırağan team Pınar Kartal Timer and Çiler İlhan, Adana team Kazım and Suna, Mersin team Şerafettin Aşut (the new president), Kadir Dölek and Hamdi Gökalp, Kemer team, especially Hakan Tuncer, Seyhan Sırt and Kenan Kar, Van team, Kocaeli team Erkan Ayan and Mehmet Kesen and Moda team Ayhan Alpakın.

We would like to thank endlessly to our sponsors that made this Championship possible, Architon – Işıklar group and Özgür, in a way I include myself, Mehmet Ali and Zeynep for the ongoing support of all Show TV, Sky Türk channels and their crews especially Mustafa Sait, Metro FM and Janet, Fatih, Gültekin, Volkan and also Cem and Asyak, Edomondo, Gülüm and Tayfun of Suzuki, Ravelli’s Selim who dressed us to look very appropriate, Sancar of Lotus, Cüneyt from SIF JCB, İzi, Gülfem and Öget of Estore, YKM Travel’s İlgen who organized our travels and Saruhan for YKM Travel’s support, again, we thank you all.
Words would not be enough for the fearless protectors of our seas, the Coast Guard Commandership; we are grateful for your existence… We shouldn’t forget to mention our rescue team DESSAT... And our artist Renan who deserves to be congratulated for her exemplary work.

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to those who have supported the organization of World Offshore 225 Championship in Turkey, Minister of State (Responsible for Sports) Murat Başesgioğlu, former GSGM Director Mehmet Atalay, GSGM Director for Istanbul Tamer Taşpınar and the Provincial Directorates of Adana, Mersin, Antalya, Van and Kocaeli. And, finally, thank you UIM World Championship Commissioners Per, Garry, Harry and UIM Secretary General Regine.

I wish you all a healthy, happy and successful New Year…

Uğur Işık