88 Stihl won Moda Yacht Club Cup
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After winning Moda Yacht Club Cup Stihl gained the leadership of World Offshore 225 Championship, as well as they guarantee their Turkish Offshore 225 Championship. 4 Miele’s Joseph and Berna Muhlbauer celebrated an impressive and trouble-free second place and moved into second place in the World Offshore 225 Championship standings.

Despite a good start, the newly Mercury powered SIF – JCB 44, the championship leader could not match their extraordinary pace for the race, Burak Oztoygar and Turgut Kaynak was third on the podium.

The winner of the World Offshore 225 Championship will be decided on Sunday at Moda - Kalamis Bay.

Today’s win for Stihl, their third win in a week, has put them right back in the fight for the World title, now 3 teams Stihl, Miele and SIF – JCB are all have chance of winning the crown.

World Champions : Alpay Akdilek & Kerem Tuncer
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Alpay Akdilek and Kerem Tuncer won the first ever U.I.M. ARCHITON WORLD OFFSHORE 225 CHAMPIONSHIP which was run together with Turkish Offshore 225 Championship with their Stihl 88. We congradulate the Champions and wish them best of luck in the future.

Joseph and Berna Muhlbauer clinched the second position with their Miele 4 while Burak Oztoygar and Turgut Kaynak followed them with their SIF JCB 44.. Regine Vandekerckhove, the secretary general of the U.I.M., gave the U.I.M. medals to the podium finishers. Harry Fabritius, the U.I.M. commisioner from Finland, expressed his impressions on the Pit Stop system which is only being used in Turkey by the Istanbul Offshore Club, and congradulated all the organisation committee for thei professionalism in the conducting of such world class racing.

Turkish Coast Guard protected the race course as perfectly as they have being doing since many years at the final race of the Championship which is nominated after them, and received great remarks from the teams, and foreign federation members...

The final race was followed by the closing barbeque party organised by the Moda Deniz Kulubu. The guests enjoyed the great food even more when they were served by the IOC President Ugur Isik and the World Champions Alpay Akdilek and Kerem Tuncer…