A New Leader - Stihl
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Alpay Akdilek and Kerem Tuncer, the unbeatable champions of last year, won both GPs of Van in the first ever Offshore races held in the "Van Sea", as the locals call the Van lake...

Kerem and Alpay, proving that it is almost impossible to catch them upto 1 meter waves, finally made up to the top rank of the 2008 Turkish Offshore Championship.

Miele and Marmaris Yacht Marina put up an amazing battle during both GPs. MYM lost their second positions on both GPs to Miele following the mistakes they have made during the pit stops and getting Stop&Go penalties.

While having a very succesfull race on Saturday, Lotus Jeans span out on the turn and collide with MYM. Very experienced Janne Koho, assesing the damage, did not want to risk the boat and climbed his boat over the floating pontoon to avoid a possible sinking... That was the main attraction on the Saturday race, and the team worked all night long to repair the boat for Janne to race on Sunday...

SIF JCB 44 and 45 finished both GPs on the 4th and 5th position. A question came to mind that, should they be numbered 41 and 42 to finish 1st and 2nd ???

As Franke, Adana APA and YKM could not reach their top performance levels had to settle for the final ranks at the races.

We would like to reconfirm our total satisfaction from the start to the finish of the organisation once more, and would like to extend our gratitude to the organisation committee for one of the best organized races ever in the history of the Turkish Offshore Championship... From now on, in the dictionary of IOC, the number 1 will no longer be written as "One" but it will be written as "Van"... We would like to congradulate every"Van" who worked very hard for the organization…