Boat Properties

Boat Type : Catamaran
Cockpit : Closed kokpit
Minimum : 7.00 Meters
Maksimum : 9.00 Meters
Weight : 1.100 Kilogram minimum
Motor Properties

Power : 225 H.P.

1000 - U.I.M. CLASS 3 - 225 OFFSHORE RULES
The title of the Championship will be known as the U.I.M. Class 3 - 225 Offshore Powerboat Championship.

1000.1 - GENERAL

The general U.I.M. offshore racing rules are to be applied. In cases of conflicts between general rules and class rules (and specifications), the class rules will prevail.

The ultimate aim of this Class, is to create a very competitive racing formula by the use of similarly powered, strictly standard engines, mounted on the same weight but different design boats. With the use of a single outboard engine and the minimum weight of 1100 kg, which allows simpler, cheaper construction materials to be used, the cost of racing is kept to the minimum. The selection of propellers, the design differences of the boats, along with the abilities of the drivers will be the determining factors on winning. The boats will have all the necessary safety features available today.

1000.1.02 - WORKING GROUP For the purpose of ensuring professionalism to the 3/225 class, a Working Group will be nominated by Cominoff.

The Working Group will be composed of 1 member representing U.I.M. Cominoff, 1 representative of the Organiser, 1 driver’s representative. The Working Group:

- will propose the Championship International calendar for approval
- will decide all rules for this class, which must be ratified by Cominoff
- will decide on any dispute concerning any question on the rules.


1000.2.01 - CALENDAR
The number of the races to form a Championship should not be less then six (6).

Once the compiling of the Race Calendar is done, the inscription deadline date will be announced.

Permission to participate to the Championship is only delivered following the payment of the inscription fee. No permission is to be granted to the participants in arrears of payment.

The inscription fee will be decided and announced yearly. The registration fee is to be doubled for any inscription requested after the deadline date set by the organisation committee.

All teams are required to give an irrevocable letter of guarantee in the amount of 5.000 Euro at the time of registration.

The Organisation Committee holds the promotional rights to front 1/3 of every race boat participating in the Championship. The required area should be kept clean of any advertising or similar. Country regulations on cigarette and alcohol advertising will be enforced.

A team must be composed of two drivers, one reserve driver / team manager and a PR responsible. All three drivers must hold an International Racing Licence.

At any titled event, each boat must designate its representative for use in case of an accident or force majeure.

Every race boat must take it’s relevant position on the start pontoon before the race in order to leave on the correct position for start line.

1000.4.02 - DRESS CODE
Every team member must wear a team uniform / short / shirt during the race week-end. No open shoes allowed, penalty 100 Euros.

1000.5 - THE RACE

1000.5.01 - COURSE
The course will not be less than 2.5 Nm and can be repeated.

A long lap will also be foreseen 1 Nm longer than the regular course.

If a boat hits a buoy on the correct side, no action will be taken. If a boat goes over and/or demolishes a buoy, the team will be penalised by a stop and go penalty and will be fined Euro 1.000 as refund of the buoy cost. 50 points will be deducted from the total championship points of the team.

The races should have a maximum time limit of one hour 15 minutes and should be run minimum 20, and maximum 40 laps.

1000.5.04 - TIME LIMIT
The chequered flag will be waved when the lead boat crosses the finish line after 1 hour 15 minutes maximum time limit, and all boats will finish as they complete that lap. The number of laps completed by the winning boat will determine the number of laps for the 70% rule.

It is mandatory for each entrant to participate in all races of the C?3?- 225 to accumulate points unless otherwise agreed in writing by the organiser. The organiser will decide the penalty which may be a fine of minimum 5.000 Euro and maximum 10.000 Euro.


1000.6.01 - START DISTANCE
In any start where there are ten or more boats starting together, the distance between the start line and the first turn buoy must be around 1.5 nautical miles.

Rule 305.09 will apply

The minimum safety distance between competitors , following the start boat, is 10 metres until the raising of the green flag.


A timed qualification session will be held the day before the race, except for force majeure. The qualification course is recommended to be the same as the race course.

A total of two hours will be given to the teams with every lap being timed. A team is free to make all necessary adjustments / set-ups and can do as many laps as wished. Best time will be considered as Pole Position time.

1000.8 - PIT STOP

1000.8.01 - DEFINITION
Visit to the designated pit stop area for assistance during the race and / or pole position i.e. from the time the start of the race to the time the last boat crosses the finish line. If the pit stop area is not defined in the Race Instructions, then the pit stop area will be the inside of the harbour.

1000.8.02 - PIT STOP RULES

1000.8.02.1 Minimum one pit stop during the race is mandatory.

1000.8.02.2 During the race, a boat may have unlimited pit stops, each limited to two minutes.

1000.8.02.3 If several boats are returning at the same time, use of the harbour and / or crane will be designated by the Wet Pit Official based on the order of the boats entering the harbour.

1000.8.02.4 Propeller changing is permitted.

1000.8.02.5 All boats coming into the harbour for pit stop must turn on their strobe light.

1000.8.02.6 No accidented boats will be recovered during the pole position and the race.

1000.8.02.7 All boats must be equipped, on its’ four corners, with four (4) pull / push, 30cm long, handle bars for pit stop crew use.

1000.8.02.8 One pit stop might be substituted by a long lap.

1000.8.02.9 All race boats must come off the plane on the first two slow down (yellow) buoys and must be on idle speed after passing the approach (red) buoy, when approaching the pontoon.

Unless otherwise specified, the following scoring system will be adopted:

1st 20 200
2nd 15 150
3rd 12 120
4th 9 90
5th 7 70
6th 5 50
7th 4 40
8th 3 30
9th 2 20
10th 1 10

1000.10 - PENALTIES

The competing boat can be penalised with a stop and go penalty.

The jury boat will expose the race number of the boat that is penalised along with a same size panel showing the letter S for stop.

The competing boat, at the following lap, must stop approx 10 sec in front of the jury boat until the green flag is waved

Stop and go penalty will be inflicted to a boat/team:

- Missing a turn. It is strictly forbidden to turn back to round the buoy during the race, if so, disqualification can be inflicted.
- Demolishing and /or going over a turn buoy.
- failing to take it’s pit stop on the requested lap.
- that endangers another team during the race.
- approaching to the pit stop pontoon after the red buoy with a speed more then the idle speed.
- passing closer then 50 metres of an incidented boat or an official boat.

1000.11 - SEA SAFETY
In case of an incident or accident on the race course, a yellow flag will be flown or waved by any “Official Boat”. Race boats should keep a distance of at least 50 metres away from any boat displaying this flag and the accident.


1000.12.01 - ENGINES
All boats must comply with 508 rules in full. All boats must have DFI engines. All engines shall be strictly production engines such as the standard marine production engines sold by manufacturers to leisure boating (or touring) customers. Maximum tolerated variation will be 10 % on the engine outputs.

The list of the 2004 eligible manufacturers and their engines are as follows :

Mercury Optimax 225 HP
Mercury Pro XS 225 HP
Mercury Verado 4 Stroke 225 HP
Evinrude DFI 225 HP
Evinrude DFI H.O. 225 HP
Evinrude E-Tec 225 HP
Evinrude E-Tec H.O. 225 HP
Yamaha HPDI 225 HP
Yamaha HPDI V-Max 225 HP
Suzuki D.F. 4 Stroke 225 HP
Honda B.F. 4 Stroke 225 HP

Engine list include some non-homologated engines that are eligible for Class 3-225. No modifications to match the homologation sheet values are allowed.

1000.12.01.1 - DRIVES
All drive units available from the manufacturer as a listed option can be used with the related engine. The units have to be shown on the catalogue of the manufacturer. No purpose built racing drives will be allowed.

1000.12.02 - CREW SAFETY
All race boats must be equipped with a Reinforced Cockpit(s) with canopy for all riding crew members and buoyancy to ensure the boat floats. The crew, who must be seated, must have a restraint system comprising of and conforming with the following rules:

A Reinforced Cockpit with canopies is defined as a containment area (completely closed and separated from the hulls) for crew and can be constructed as an integral part of the boat.

In any boat, cockpits will not be allowed in the sponsons.

The polycarbonate areas are to be built using 8 mm thickness, or more.

The Restraint Cockpits must be fitted with an internal roll bar, two in a tandem cockpit as a minimum. There must also be, between the two single cockpits, an anti-compression strut or structure of similar strength to the roll bar.

There should be one or more divers grab handles fitted on the outside of each hatch.

All race boats must be equipped with a bottom escape hatch. An area of 15 x 15 cm of the hatch must be constructed of polycarbonate for day light accession to the cockpit when overturned.

It is mandatory that both pilots use HANS DEVICE during all practice, pole position and race hours.

It is mandatory for both pilots to use an Air Mask system, that covers both nose and mouth and attached to a carried on air supply system during all practice, pole position and race. It is also mandatory to have another spare air unit, installed with a quick release system, in the cockpit.

1000.12.03 - RACE NUMBERS
The individual numbers shall conform to the following minimum dimensions, the only exception being where the size of the boat does not allow the minimum size to be carried:

Height Width Thickness Spacing
40 cm 30 cm 7,5 cm 13 cm


Min length Max length Minimum Weight
7,0 metre 9,0 metre 1.100 kg

All boats must be equipped with removable steering hub.

1000.13 - POWER LIFT
The use of power lift during the race and the pole position is allowed.


1000.14.05.2 - EXHAUST
It is permitted to make additional holes to the lower section of the drive, to the exhaust housing.

1000.14.05.3 - FOOT THROTTLE
It is strictly forbidden to use a foot throttle.

1000.14.05.4 - MID - SECTION
Short mid-section is not allowed.

1000.14.05.5 - TUNNEL FLAP
The use of movable tunnel flaps during the race and pole position is strictly forbidden. Tunnel flaps should be fixed before the race and pole position.